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Looking for the top candid wedding photographer in India? It is a time consuming task which may easily take months to find the perfect one and when you find the one, chances are that he may be booked already at that particular date. So, to decrease the time considerably and get the desired photographer on your BIGGEST Day follow these tips & points to before initiating your hunt for the ultimate wedding photographer.

10000 Snapshots or 200 Fabulous photographs – Decide what you want, What type of photos you need to see in your wedding album? And with a style in your mind google up the photographers in your area.

What about the Video?? – A stereotypical image of a wedding photographer hangs out around a person who provides Photo Albums along with Video too, but in this age of perfectionism times have changed and photographers too have limited themselves to everything related to photos only so most of the photographers don’t provide Video but yes there’s not going to be any harm if you will ask this question.

Photographer / Studio – Figure out that whom you are talking with is the photographer or the studio owner who will hire a photographer under his tag. In any case, get in touch with the photographer who will be there to shoot the most important day of your life.

Meshing The Personalities – Try to get involved with the photographer and make sure that your personalities mesh well together because only then you will be able to get those fun shots in your wedding album(s).

Why shall I Book? – It is always advisable to book a candid wedding photographer at least a month prior to your wedding day. Why? Because in this world of 13 billion people there is a huge probability that many others would have talked with the photographer the similar way you did, thus photographers book down the dates only when they receive the 50% of the photography fee of the whole assignment.

Budget vs. The Art – Similar to other art fields, photography is also a visual art which needs creative efforts of the person behind the camera thus it is important to consider every Candid Wedding Photographer as not just another photographer but an artist who is going to make you laugh and cry with ecstasy, whenever you will see your wedding photos, thus their respective fees shall also be treated considerably and the discount coupons shall be placed aside because most photographers hate the D of the Discount but instead they love to provide some extra freebies.

Still, how much will you charge??? – Every Photographer has their own fixed price for the Wedding assignments which varies considerably and depends on their Creativity, Style, Experience, Branding and of course Equipment. It Varies between Rs. 25k to 150k (approx. $500 – $3000) for a day’s shoot (8 Hours of shooting).

That’s Insane, My Cousin Owns a DSLR too – In that case, it’s your decision that what you want to see in your wedding albums is going to be the snapshots from your relative’s DSLR who has never experienced the hustle and bustle of the weddings or the photographs from a person who is earning his living from the weddings and is experienced in the very same field.

Guide photographer’s focus – . Family and friends travel from all over the world to attend your wedding, and it’s important that we get some good images of them. Our camera naturally gravitates toward the bride and groom, the immediate family, the children, and the (louder) guests smiling and laughing. Hence it is important for you to guide our camera’s focus towards those important relatives or guests who flew half way around the world to be at the special day of yours. Thus please compile their images and their names in a word document or email and send that over prior to your big day.

It’s been a week,  I need shots for the facebook –  After getting your Wedding shot, Stay calm and have patience and wait for the photos to come because editing the photographs is also a painstaking process which good photographers handle themselves and usually take 5-6 weeks for the same.

Respect The Photographer – If you are not hiring a guy form the studio then chances are you are hiring an artist who shall never be treated as a guy with a camera but an artist who loves being not directed by others.

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