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India Road Safety Mission Corporate Event Photography at Hyatt Delhi

Maruti Suzuki in Partnership with TIMES NETWORK has been on a journey for 6 years to champion Indian Roads and make them safe. India Road Safety Mission’s objective has been to spread awareness and to take up the challenge of making people more cautious about their surroundings and take responsibilities to make their roads and environment more safer and happier. and recently in an event, they released Road Safety Index, a weighted average of scores on important parameters relating to road safety. The index, compiled on the basis of citizen views and ground-level surveys, rates eight Indian cities on road safety. The report is a part of India Road Safety Mission (IRSM), a nation-wide initiative by Maruti Suzuki in partnership with Times NOW. The objective of the report is to lay down parameters which can become guidelines for Government institutions, NGOs and Corporates to improve road safety in the cities covered in the study.

Mr R S Kalsi, Executive Director, Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki, said, “Road Safety is increasingly becoming a matter of national importance. As a leader in automobile industry Maruti Suzuki has been working on inculcating safe driving habits among people through our various driving training initiatives. This initiative of city-wise Road Safety Index further strengthens our mission for safer roads. We are optimistic that the index will serve as a reference point for the stakeholders to identify and work in a systematic manner to improve road safety scenario in their respective cities.”

Here are some of our favorite event photos from the particular event in the discussion.

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