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ITU Abu Dhabi World Triathlon Marathon Cycling Sports Photography

Retina Charmer Photography has teamed up to create a unique and exclusive Sports Photography portfolio and also help out budding sports photographers in India to pave their way towards a better beginning. The idea is to create a diversified portfolio of extreme sports in India and create unique imagery for the athletes and clients based in Delhi Mumbai Bangalore and pan India and making a great Photography one-stop place for the Sports Photography In India

This post is all about the Photography overage of the world-famous ITU Abu Dhabi World Triathlon Marathon Cycling Sports Photography, Team Retina Charmer was assigned to shoot the race day photos of the athletes, especially the cyclists and the runners in action on the track, the client's briefing was to photograph the majority of cyclists and runners in action with sheer focus on individuals. The nice thing about photographing a triathlon is that in most cases, you can photograph them from a relatively intimate distance with a wide-angle lens. This kind of accessibility is simply not possible in other sports, but this time even we didn't get this privilege and were being guided to maintain a good distance from our sports athletes.

Underneath are some of the Triathlon Sports Photography by Team Retina Charmer.


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