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Maruti Corporate Dealers Conference Event Photography at Hyatt Manesar

It won't be surprising to say that capturing exciting and yet compelling candid photos of a usual and boring corporate business conference or exhibition is quite a boring yet exhilarating task as it throws a great challenge to the event photographer to capture the best of the expressions and usually boring moments from that particular event. Photography of people in suits networking at a corporate conference event can be very monotonous and it's proven that monotony gives birth to monotony only thus, boring corporate event photography doesn’t just reflect poorly on your brand but it also creates a boring image of the whole event on the social media and online portals or in the press release. The sole idea of hiring a professional event photographer is to create striking and yet subtly exciting images for the clients so that the clients can actually use that corporate photography to create an image of the event which should be good enough to impress the viewer because as a viewer who hadn't attended the event, its just those photographs which will create an image of the event in his psyche and again, boring and monotonous images lead to nothing but monotony only. Thus it's extremely important to find a good and professional event photographer who can actually understand and cater to the demands of the clients in the fast forward era of social media and a society that seems to be dependent on Twitter more than anything else. Just in case, if you are struggling to find an event photographer who can help you with a fresh and creative approach towards corporate event photography then we at Retina Charmer can be of great help especially if you have your events in cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Dubai, Bangkok or even in countries of the west or the far east, be it Australia or any other exotic place where you are planning a great event for your partners, dealers, vendors or clients.

Following the same idea with an approach to create candid event photos, along with some nice setup photographs, Maruti as usual, hired Team Retina Charmer for their annual conference and gala dinner in Manesar, which is of the most influential and prestigious events in the calendar and they really needed someone who was good enough to capture the setup photos along with a leading personality to capture a group photograph of all the attendees in a quick and a very professional manner. When we are taking up assignments, the client's brief is very important and for this particular assignment client only wanted us to majorly focus on the setup photos rather than some candid or posed photos of the attendees and the most important photograph which they demanded was that group photograph which had to be taken very quickly and swiftly within 2-3 minutes which also included setup time, and as usual, we were able to deliver the best as much as we could with the kind of resources provided to us. Partnerships are not easy. They require timing, opportunity, luck, clear communication, technical fit, and many other aspects to succeed. While some aspects are inevitably out of your control, some are definitely in our hands and content is one of the aspects, and here we are talking about the visual content. Once the conference was over, clients were happy with the kind of event photography services they received and were happy to share the printouts of the group photo to all the attendees, and check out some of our favorite photographs from the event, though there were a lot more to share but most of the photos had some confidential sales figures, targets and even people who we would not want to share on a public portal.

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