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Max Life Family Run Marathon Sports Event Photography in Delhi Gurgaon

Marathons and local sports events are getting very common these days, few years ago sports events in Delhi were so uncommon that almost everyone used to have their details and dates provided well in advance but in recent times these marathons and the sports events related to them have increased manifold, there have been instances when only the Retina Charmer Sports Photography were doing a 5 events in a day at different different locations in Delhi NCR. When it comes to marathon photography, we have been providing race day photos from last 1 decade to several brands who further take up the events completely. But recently, these companies have started approaching us, for the event coverage as well, like covering all the event areas, Zumba dance, those celebrity interactions and even the price distributions.

A month ago, we had a photography opportunity to work for a very reputed marathon sports event in Gurgaon i.e Max Life Insurance Family Run. This time, along with race day photos, the responsibility was to shoot the event thoroughly and so we did that too. These sports events in India play a pivotal role in providing an unbeatable and great platform to the sponsors and the organizers to promote their businesses in a very pushy yet an organic way and through these events they are usually able to target the kind of audience they need for their brand very efficiently, and this is one of the reasons why these events are taking a real pumped up positions in the Indian Sporting community and thus creating an impact of the life of the people through promotions and brandings.

Check out some of the Marathon Sports Event Photos from Max Life Insurance Family Run 2020 in Gurugram. #RunWithMax

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