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Reebok Running Squad Delhi Sports Photography Advertising Portfolio

The weather is great these days and this does mean that its the right time to burn some calories and make some great muscle mass which could prove very helpful if you are planning to run the upcoming Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, and just in case if you are looking out for some professional guidance to finish the marathon smoothly, Reebok is here for you to help. The Reebok Running Squad Training Program is back in town and its designed for anyone who is willing to run be it a beginner, intermediate or a professional. Designed to help runners build stamina, endurance and strength, the Reebok Running Squad majorly focuses on the core training which suits every body type. The program also focuses on educating members on how to avoid injuries, and on taking necessary precautions while running long distances. The core idea and the motivation at the of Reebok Running Squad take us back to the fact that how buddy strength can do wonders when someone is planning to run long distances. This squad is a fitness initiative by Reebok which has its core agenda of keeping India Fit, be it a marathon or general training, the RRS is at rescue as they help the runners to develop the mindset which allows them to cover long distances with keeping stress and injury levels to a minimum.

Every Runner Has A Zone, Reebok Helps You Own It.

As a Sports Photographer In India, I have had the opportunities to travel to many wonderful places in like Jaipur, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaisalmer, Jammu & All the way up to Mughal Road, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sri Lanka & many more. Check out the already done Sports Photography Assignments to know how I rock up.



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