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SEQUOIA CAPITAL Corporate Event Photography at Oberoi, Gurugram

Great assignments come with some very serious commitments and responsibilities, and that is what happened with Team Retina Charmer, when we got an opportunity to do event photography in Gurgaon for a funding giant, SEQUOIA CAPITAL. The company has been doing a lot of talks and stage events which are majorly based on one on one interviews or group discussions and that is something we really love to shoot and do that at its best, but for this particular corporate event in Oberoi, Gurgaon the photography services were of extreme importance yet there were some major constraints on the photographer. The 2 days corporate event was planned in an utter smooth manner with loads of talks and interviews throughout the day and second day's evening was kept for an informal sort of dinner in which all the delegates were expected to mingle up to explore the possibilities for the future ahead and for that particular evening event, photography was restricted completely without flash, and the event photographer was expected to cover the whole evening with the use of no external lights and to make things more worse for the event photographer, the event planners had designed the setup area in such a way that use of bare minimum artificial lights were put into the place. All in all the setup was great, but everything had to be photographed discreetly in a place which had very less lighting setup and that too in an open area which means, that the luxury of getting the softened bounced back light was not be expected at any cost, since this was discussed well in advance we took up the assignment and planned out our lenses and camera equipment in a way to face the worst blacked out scenarios, and things were pretty dark for sure, even the best of the best of event photographers would have got goosebumps after visiting the evening event setup. Alas! things worked out well and we must admit that this was quite a challenging event photography assignments which we have taken up lately.

The photographs might not be able to convey the feeling of darkness that place embodied in itself, since they have been shot with ISOs going upto 25,000 and sometimes even more and shutter speeds dragged down to 1/30 and even after that, almost all the evening images have been post processed and have been bumped up a minimum of 2 stops to bring out the best from that night full of amazement and goosebumps for us. Check out some of the favorite event photos from the 2 days corporate event in Gurugram.

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