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Team Mahindra Adventure Motorsports Photography INRC 2018 Arunachal

Motorsport events in India provide an unbeatable and great platform to Automobile Companies to promote their new models or brand through passionate petrol-heads. Mahindra has a unit called 'Mahindra Aventure' which mainly focuses on Off-road events. This is a dedicated unit of organization for efficient execution on this front. Mahindra Adventure was launched as an independent entity for all automobile and Motorsports adventure activities back in 2011. Mahindra Adventure is an idea that showcases the rugged and tough DNA of Mahindra automobiles, Mahindra Adventure operates as a brand in itself with a dedicated fan following of the youth with a passion for expeditions and explorations, they do offer a series of self-drive overland adventure expeditions under there banner. Mahindra Adventure has taken it to the next level by offering off-road championships & TSD championships.

Mahindra Adventure comprises a series of experiential marketing and Motorsports events throughout the year such as The Great Escape, several Challenges (providing adrenaline-pumping challenges), The Monastery Escape, Royal Escape, Authentic Bhutan, Himalayan Spiti Escape, Authentic Myanmar Thailand & Authentic North East Escape. They do have an off-roading academy called, Mahindra Adventure Off-Road Training Academy. Team Mahindra Adventure has also been blazing the Motorsport arena with its rally-prepared– Super XUV500, since its inception.

Team Mahindra Adventure at MRF FMSCI Indian National Rally Championship 2018 Rally of Arunachal, Amittrajit Ghosh (co-driver Ashwin Naik) showed great tactical acumen to win the Rally of Arunachal, Round 3 of the MRF FMSCI Indian National Rally Championship 2018. Ghosh, who exhibited amazing fightback on Day 1 to rise from ninth to third, enjoyed a much-needed slice of luck as overnight leader Gaurav Gill (Musa Sherif) pulled out of the competition as their car broke down in the sixth stage. Ghosh tackled the day’s three stages cautiously, finishing second in SS5, third in SS6 and again second in SS7. The winners started the Rally of Arunachal on an ominous note, taking the ninth place due to a technical issue. But both of the kept their morals high as Ashwin kept pushing until they both managed to bounce back to the victory.

The results of MRF FMSCI Indian National Rally Championship 2018 Rally of Arunachal :

INRC Overall: 1. Amittrajit Ghosh / Ashwin Naik (Team Mahindra Adventure; 00:57:33.6); 2. Phalguna Urs / Srikanth Gowda (Snap Racing; 00:57:39.5); 3. Dean Mascarenhas / Shruptha Padival (Team Champions; 00:57:57.7).

INRC 1: Ghosh / Naik; 2. Lokesh Gowda / Venu Ramesh Kumar (Team Champions) (01:07:20.8).

INRC 2: 1. Phalguna Urs / Srikanth Gowda (Snap Racing; 00:57:39.5); 2. Karna Kadur / PVS Murthy (Arka Motorsports; 00:58:37.0); 3. Rahul Kanthraj / Vivek Y Bhatt (Arka Motorsports; 00:58:55.2).

INRC 3: 1. Dean Mascarenhas / Shruptha Padival (Team Champions; 00:57:57.7); 2. Aroor Vikram Rao / Somayya AG (Falkon Motorsports; 01:05:17.0); 3. Phurpa Tsering / Chow Tiktha (Phurpa Tsering; 01:14:57.9).

FMSCI 2WD CUP: 1. Adith KC / Arjun SSB (Team Champions; 01:01:20.0); 2. Rakshith Iyer / Sagar Mallappa (Pvt; 01:10:54.4)

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