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Top Management Corporate Business Portrait Photography Delhi Gurgaon

Like every other genre of Photography Corporate Business Management Portrait Photography is a genre in itself, and this not just challenges the creative mindset of the photographer but rather tests his skills in dealing with multi billionaire CEO(s) and top management personnel. These portraits can sometimes be very formal on a set of backgrounds and studio setup and sometimes they challenge the inner of the core photographer to bring out the aura of the subject being photographed. I have divided my corporate business management portraits into three categories.

Studio Portraits

Studio corporate business portraits are all about capturing the identity of the subject on a plain backdrop so that the focus of the image is on the subject of the photograph. It is a more formal and traditional way to shoot corporate headshots which may be a good fit in an annual report, company website, or for internal purposes, for these, we bring the entire studio to your office including the lights and backgrounds.

Cinematic Corporate Portraits

Cinematic corporate business portraits use the real world (usually the office space) as a background. Using a shallow depth of field, the subject embosses out of the background and this lets the image be all about the subject, with a bit of interest in the backdrop, which is usually his/her working space. we feel that these portraits are much more creative when compared with studio headshots, as they usually serve a completely different mood to the photograph and are much more catchy and pleasing to the eyes.

Environmental / Executive / CEO Portraits

Environmental portraits use a place or a location that personifies the nature of the job of the subject being photographed, usually being opted for CEO(s) and top corporate management executives they are taken to help the story of who you are and what you do. Commonly used in magazines these are meant to feature a company and such portraits serve as the face of the company. Such environmental portraits visually explain why the subject of the images is important to the story that we are telling.


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